About us

Chargement métaux
Golden Line has specialized over the years in the trading of metal waste and plastic waste.

In our view, the recycling trades are one of the foundation stones of sustainable development policy. The objective of preserving the planet for future generations is one of the driving forces of our company. Our role is to contribute to the process of recycling on the international stage.

Established in France for more than 10 years, the know-how of Golden Line is based on a double French-Chinese culture and a very thorough knowledge of the recycling markets in the two countries, which we apply to the benefit of our partners. Our professional teams are ready to listen to you and propose solutions tailored to all your needs. Most of our work is from France and the European Union to China. Today our in-depth experience of the business enables us to control all the transactions from site pick-up at our suppliers to our customers.

Chargement métaux

Our units propose competitive quotations to you to optimize the cost of recycling of your various materials. Firmly established in the French market, we also benefit from a healthy financial position, as all the credit insurance organizations can confirm to you.

We look for and propose lots for recycling meeting the demands of our customers, to whom we guarantee the quality of the goods.

For the sake of full transparency with respect to our customers and our suppliers, Golden Line guarantees its transactions to all its partners, as well as compliance with the environmental, health and administrative regulations specific to each country. Having acquired full knowledge of the products, we guarantee the quality of our shipments to our partners.